About the Instructor

John Wilburn

Age:  42

Hometown:  Bluefield, VA

Alma mater:  Virginia Tech®

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Responsible firearm ownership and use is a cornerstone of my family's heritage.  Following in the footsteps of accomplished marksmen, I have been shooting firearms since owning my first, a .22 caliber Remington rifle, that my father gave me for my 11th birthday, which I still have and cherish.

Many years, many guns, and much training and teaching later, I am NRA certified as a Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, and Personal Protection Instructor and Chief Range Safety Officer, alumnus of some well respected firearm and tactics training schools, and certified by Glock as an Advanced Armorer and Instructor.  I'm an IDPA qualified sharpshooter and have a concealed handgun permit or its equivalent from Virginia, New Hampshire, and Illinois.

Complimenting my firearms, training, and teaching experience, is my life membership in the National Rifle Association, membership in Gun Owners of America, and my role as an Executive Member of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, the dominant grassroots gun owners' rights organization that is largely responsible for most of the restoration of firearms-related liberty that Virginians have realized since 1994.  I'm usually involved with, if not coordinating, VCDL's activities in the New River Valley.

Away from the range, I'm the Principal Broker of Hokie Real Estate, Inc., an avid drag racing enthusiast holding an NHRA competition license (SS, SG, and SC), and chauffeur for my rock star Pit Bull, Jethro.  I currently serve on the board of directors for the NRV Homegrown Business Alliance.

That's enough about me... My classes are about you!

Training Resumé that will never be complete...

Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP) Class                       David Knight                                              Radford, VA

NRA Certified Pistol Instructor                                                    Betty Strauss                                               Radford, VA

NRA Personal Protection In The Home Instructor                       Betty Strauss                                               Radford, VA

Four Day Defensive Handgun   (Larry Mayer)                           Front Sight Firearms Training Institute      Pahrump, NV

Glock Armorer's Course   (Chris Edwards)                                 Glock Professional                                     Smyrna, GA

Glock Instructor Workshop   (Chris Edwards)                            Glock Professional                                     Smyrna, GA

NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructor              Betty Strauss                                              Radford, VA

Fighting Shotgun   (Tim Morris, Garry Marr)                             Tactical Response                                       Camden, TN

Illinois Concealed Carry Permit   (Gary Turner)                         Blue Line Personal Protection                    Gallatin, TN

Four Day Defensive Handgun   (Larry Mayer)                           Front Sight Firearms Training Institute      Pahrump, NV

Glock Advanced Armorer Course   (Scotty Banks)                    Glock Professional                                      Smyrna, GA

Heartsaver® First Aid CPR AED   (Roger Houchins)                 Franklin Co. Dept. of Public Safety           Rocky Mount, VA

NRA Range Safety Officer                                                          Betty Strauss                                               Radford, VA

Fighting Pistol   (James Yeager, Jay Gibson, Garry Marr, Tim Morris)          Tactical Response                                        Camden, TN

Response to Active Shooter   (Calvin Lim, Tim Morris)            Tactical Response                                        Camden, TN

Surgical Speed Shooting   (Andy Stanford)                                Options for Personal Security                      Camden, TN

Personal Self Protection  (Logan Doughty)                                 Personal Self Protection, LLC                   Christiansburg, VA

UTM/NRA Certification  2016092600069849                            Ultimate Training Munitions                           (online)

Immediate Action Medical   (Calvin Lim, Carson Baldree)               Tactical Response                                        Camden, TN

Fighting Rifle   (Tim Morris, Calvin Lim)                                   Tactical Response                                        Camden, TN

Troysgate Theater   (Randy Martin, Tim Honeycutt, Chad Anderson)           Troysgate                                                      Lenoir, NC

Armed Response to a Terrorist Attack  (John Farnam,Tim Morris)          Defense Training International, Inc.            Camden, TN

NRA Chief Range Safety Officer                                                 Betty Strauss                                                Radford, VA

Advanced Combative Pistol w/Vehicle Defense
(Tom Givens)              Rangemaster                                               Watkinsville, GA

Urban Rifle
(Clint Smith, Heidi Smith, Roger Wallace, Brian Christian, Brandon White)          
Thunder Ranch                                            Lakeview, OR

NRA Certified Shotgun Instructor                                                Betty Strauss                                               Radford, VA

NRA Certified Rifle Instructor                                                     Betty Strauss                                               Radford, VA

Self Defense for REALTORS®                                                    Joel Balsley                                                Christiansburg, VA  

MAG 20 Classroom - Armed Citizen's Rules of Engagement     Massad Ayoob                                            Matthews, NC

Building Clearing   (Jerry Nuss)                                                   Tactical Response                                        Camden, TN

Edged Weapons Seminar   (Steve Rodriguez)                              Foo Dogs Defensive Tactics                      Matthews, NC

AKnowledge                                                                                 Sonny Puzikas                                              Camden, TN

Edged Weapon and Sap Master Class  (Aaron Little)                  Performance Edge                                        Camden, TN

Alumni Training Weekend 2018                                                  Tactical Response                                        Camden, TN

Introduction to Unarmed Response to Active Shooter  (Aaron Little)
      Performance Edge                                        Camden, TN

D.I.G. (Dirty Improvised Gadget) Spetsnaz shovel fighting        Sonny Puzikas                                              Camden, TN

1911 Operators Course  (Ken Hackathorn, Larry Vickers)         Aztec Training Services                                Azusa, CA

Alumni Training Weekend 2019                                                  Tactical Response                                        Camden, TN

Tactical Application of Practical Shooting (TAPS)  (Pat McNamara)       TMACS Inc.                                                 Matthews, NC

DTI Instructor Program  (John Farnam, James Yeager)              Defense Training International, Inc.             Nashville, TN

World Class Pistol Skills                                                             Robert Vogel                                              
  Christiansburg, VA

P2: Protection Pistol  (Keith Harper, Brian White, Larry)         A Triggered Response                                   Conover, NC

Instructor in the news:

NRA Grassroots Minute 11/06/2009

Press release for Operation campus Safety at Virginia Tech 10/26/2011

Second Tuesday Constitution Group presentation 04/10/2012

Roanoke Times - Dan Casey  "They were packing pistols at the VCDL picnic in Green Hill Park" 07/15/2012

Bluefield Daily Telegraph article by Bill Archer R&R gun show in Bluefield 03/09/2013

Interview outside Roanoke Valley gun show 03/16/2013

Roanoke Times - Dan Casey   Column: Warner’s vote on gun permits off the mark 04/21/2013

New Castle Record artice by Gwen Johnson 04/26/2013

Gun Watch photo and reprint of VA-ALERT: Protest of Bloomberg Tyranny Tour 06/24/2013

11 Bravo Training's coverage of Bloomberg's "No More Names" tour.  I'm interviewed at 4:44  06/26/2013

VA-ALERT from 10/23/2013

Roanoke Times - Dan Casey's "report from the historic Hokies - Terps game" 11/17/2013

Roanoke Times - Dan Casey   Column: The Curse of the Terrapins strikes again 11/19/2013

Washington Times - David Sherfinski  Current background checks stop very few firearm purchases  02/13/2014

Lobby Day 2014.  Lots of coverage of our team beginning at 0:45.  03/03/2014

Roanoke Times - Rebecca Barnett  "Why I own a gun"  03/30/2014

Just having some fun after a Glock Instructor's Workshop with the Glock 18C  04/10/2014

Preppers Festival, New Castle VA - Ken Modica and I working the VCDL booth at 1:28 - 04/19/2014

"Gun Violence in America" panel discussion in Blacksburg  04/29/2014
     The PBS film that was shown:
     The panel discussion:

Speaking at a Roanoke County Board of Supervisors meeting - my comments are on page 733 - 10/28/2014

WDBJ7 coverage of Lobby Day  01/18/2016

Under the Gun (Documentary 2016) - I'm wearing the blue shirt and tie in this clip from the movie  01/24/2016

Article about deceptive editing of Under the Gun  05/23/2016

WTVR coverage of the public hearing in Richmond regarding a state agency building gun ban  08/31/2016

WHSV coverage of VCDL's booth at Roanoke Pride's 27th annual Pride in the Park  09/11/2016 - VCDL segment begins at 16:36

VA-ALERT from 01/23/2017.  Item 4.  Note:  New River Bank was credited in the initial submission with hosting my classes, but that was edited from the published VA-ALERT.

VA-ALERT from 03/02/2017.  My review of training at Troysgate.

Hanging out as a "subject matter expert" for an episode of Deet & the Geek filmed at Firepower Tactical  06/28/2017

Guest instructor for a Practical Protection Pistol class at A Triggered Response  11/19/2017

VA-ALERT from 04/17/2018.  My report from a local anti-gun event.

Speaking engagement for the Rotary Club of Christiansburg.   09/21/2018

Virginia 12th (Documentary 2018) - I'm featured a few times discussing training and events surrounding a local election.  10/30/2018

Interview by Washington Post reporter Laura Vozzella for a soundbite while waiting to enter the General Assembly Building.  07/09/2019

Interview by WFXR reporter Eric Pointer before a Montgomery County Board of Supervisors meeting.  11/25/2019

Interview by WUVT (Virginia Tech) 90.7FM DJ Pete French about the second amendment sanctuary movement.  12/07/2019

Attending a hearing on governor's proposed 2020 budget, which includes 7.5 million for gun confiscation, at Virginia Tech.  01/02/2020

Speaking at Christansburg's town council meeting to oppose proposed local gun control.  02/09/2021
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