Here are vendors, organizations, and training that I recommend:

NSR Tactical

Top quality Kydex holsters, mag pouches, and knife sheaths.  I carry their three of their holsters every day.

Wild Bill's Concealment

High quality holsters and leather gear.  They make great carry belts.


High quality holsters.  They make comfortable shoulder and ankle holsters... and belt-mounted holsters.

Wilson Combat

Superior quality pistols and parts.  Wilson Combat makes the best 1911 magazines on the market.

MIC Holster Systems

MIC Holster Systems makes a neat minimalist Kydex holster: the MIC (minimal inside concealment). I use one for deep concealment with my backup gun.


The most durable DuPont Cordura nylon bags, belts, rigs, and pouches.  It's American made gear that's warranted for life and built to perform.

Federal Premium

My practice and training ammunition of choice.  High quality, dependable ammunition with a modest price, to boot.


My carry ammunition of choice.  Superior quality by shooters, for shooters and designed to win a gun fight.

Howard Leight

Excellent hearing protection.  I trust my ears to their Impact Pro and Impact Sport models of electronic hearing protection.


When shooting long guns, when it's hot outside, or I just don't want the bulk of earmuffs, I wear Ghost Strykes.


High quality, well engineered flashlights.  I carry their Maelstrom MMR-X to take control of the darkness.


Dependable tactical flashlights and weapon lights, I carry their XC-1 on my primary carry gun.


There's a reason I and 2/3 of America's police trust our lives to a Glock.  They're great guns!

XS Sights

I love XS pistol sights!  They are quick to acquire, robust, and excellent in low light.


Locking clips that stay put.  A good upgrade for holsters, mag pouches, or anything with a clip that slips.

Tactical Response Gear's "Pocket V.O.K."

I carry a pocket trauma kit everyday and so should you.  The pocket Ventilated Operator Kit fits the bill.


These are the high quality adjustable target stands we use.  They're hand crafted in America and a great value!

Virginia Citizens Defense League

"Defending Your Right to Defend Yourself" is VCDL's motto and they do it better than anyone.  Join today!

Event listing for VCDL in southwestern Virginia

National Rifle Association

The NRA plays a key role in making sure that gun owners are heard on a national level.

Gun Owners of America

Pound-for-pound, the strongest national gun right organization.

Detailed carry information for every state.

Maps, valuable information, and discussion threads for those who carry guns, especially open carriers.

Police Activity YouTube channel

Analyze real police use of force from body cams and dash cams.


Tactical Response

James Yeager and crew have been preparing people to win gunfights for over 20 years.  Train with them!

      Tactical Response's YouTube channel

      An invaluable source of information for serious practitioners of the armed lifestyle.  Be advised:  occasional profanity.

Defense Training International, Inc.

John Farnam has been teaching since 1972 and should be on your short list to train with!

Rangemaster Firearm Training Services, LLC.

Tom Givens has been teaching since 1975 and should be on your short list to train with!

Thunder Ranch

Clint Smith was teaching well before pioneering the original Urban Rifle course in 1983 and should be on your short list to train with!

Massad Ayoob Group

Massad Ayoob, founder of the Lethal Force Institute, has been teaching since 1974 and should be on your short list to train with!

Andrew Branca

Attorney Andrew Branca says "Carry a gun so you're hard to kill.  Know the law so you're hard to convict."  Essential legal knowledge for gun owners.

Forward Training Concepts

Sonny Puzikas brings a different approach to training that is uncommon, but much needed.  Your open mind will be rewarded.

Performance Edge Training Center

Aaron Little teaches the void between people who fight strictly with hands and feet and those who fight with guns.  These are essential skills.

Larry Vickers

Larry Vickers has a broad spectrum of influences that combine the best of old school and modern, cutting edge with a no-nonsense style.


Pat McNamara isn't afraid to break conventional thought when it comes to training and will challenge you to be your best.

Robert Vogel

Robert Vogel is a very accomplished competitive shooter and can help you get the most out of your marksmanship techniques.

A Triggered Response

Keith Harper uses his medical knowledge and well-polished pistol techniques to train everyday folks to become effective operators. 
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